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Keystone Drug Warrant Sweep Results
Monday, May 04, 2009

For Immediate Release
May 4, 2009

The following information pertains to the 22 arrests from Keystone made as part of Thursday’s drug sweep. There are 12 remaining suspects deputies are still actively trying to locate. Once located, they’ll be brought in on warrants as well. If the arrested suspect’s name below has the term “PC” by it, that means it was a probable cause arrest. In those cases, the deputy was in the process of serving a warrant on one person and caught another person or even the same person committing a crime at that moment and made an additional arrest (that’s the PC arrest).


Norman Van-Echteld - S/D Controlled sub. (1 warrant)

Olivia D. Roper - Trafficking Hydrocodone, S/D Controlled sub (2 warrants)

David W. Freeman - S/D Marijuana (1 warrant)

Michael C. Devitt - S/D Crack cocaine (1 warrant)

Ty Rose - S/D Controlled sub (1 warrant); PC arrest – S/D Marijuana

August C. Cassiato - S/D Controlled sub (1 warrant)

Dale R. Johnson - S/D Controlled sub (1 warrant)

Rosa A. Robinson - S/D Crack cocaine (1 warrant)

Adam A. Hall - S/D Cocaine (1 warrant)

Kristina M. Chapman - Trafficking Morphine (2 warrants)

Brian C. Browne - Trafficking Hydrocodone (2 warrants)

Theresa L. Schurer - Trafficking Hydrocodone (1 warrant)

Crystal K. Gilley - Trafficking Hydrocodone (1 warrant)

Carl L. Davis - S/D Crack cocaine (3 warrants); PC arrest – Poss. Crack cocaine

Raymond Miller - PC arrest S/D Methadone and marijuana

Robin Miller - PC arrest S/D Methadone and Marijuana

April M. Ellis - PC arrest Poss. < 20 grams Marijuana and poss. paraphernalia

James L. Davis - PC arrest S/D Crack cocaine; PC arrest poss. Crack cocaine

Amanda R. Clark - Trafficking Hydrocodone (1 warrant)

Sandra R. Fontana - S/D Controlled sub. (1 warrant)

Kimberly M. Goodwin – Trafficking Hydrocodone (1 warrant)

Michael G. Lane - Contempt and Dom. Batt (2 warrants); PC arrest S/D Cont. sub



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