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Two Dead One Injured in Oakleaf Area Shooting Incident
Thursday, November 11, 2010

CCSO detectives and FDLE agents remain on scene and the investigation into this shooting incident remains open and active. All next-of-kin have been contacted, so our agency is now releasing information about their identities and ages.

-Deceased victim (caretaker of home): Leroy McDonald, age 33, Orange Park resident
-Deceased suspect: Todd A. Bradshaw, Jr., age 24, Jacksonville resident

-CCSO Deputy involved in shooting: Deputy Con Kelly, age 44, 6 years law enforcement experience (2 with CCSO)

-The injured male remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition at Shands Jacksonville. Due to his injury and ongoing treatment, detectives have not yet been able to interview him fully to definitively determine his role in this incident. That portion of this investigation is ongoing and his identity will not be released until our detectives have completed their full interview.

- Efforts are ongoing to identify any additional witnesses who may have been present at the time of the shootings; none have been positively ID'd at this time.

As previously mentioned, the FDLE responded to the scene at the CCSO's request which is our policy on any police-involved shooting incident. The CCSO will not be answering questions about the incident in any further detail than what has been provided here. No media briefing is planned for today.

---- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 3:22 AM
Subject: UPDATE: Shooting Incident Under Investigation in Oakleaf Area of Clay County

In regards to this shooting incident, two men are deceased and one male is hospitalized with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.
Detectives believe that one of the deceased men was a caretaker of the home which belongs to a woman currently deployed overseas with the U.S. military.
The other deceased male and the injured/hospitalized male are believed to be suspects in a robbery of the home/victim and possibly involved in the shooting of the victim.

After receiving the initial call from a neighbor at 10:22pm regarding a suspicious vehicle in the home's driveway, additional calls were received from residents who reported hearing gun shots. When the CCSO deputy arrived, the two suspects were still on scene and armed with weapons and we believe, preliminarily, that the victim/caretaker was already shot and injured when the deputy arrived. The deputy encountered the armed suspects and shots were fired at that time and the deputy was able to capture and hold the injured suspect until he was transported by helicopter to Shands Jacksonville. The caretaker/victim and the suspect died at the scene. Additional CCSO deputies, including the CCSO SWAT Team, arrived on scene as well and secured the area. This included a brief cordoning off of the street and evacuation of a handful of residents in adjacent townhomes. These residents have been allowed to return to their homes. No other residents were in the home at the time of the incident.

The CCSO deputy involved was not injured. As standard procedure dictates, the FDLE was contacted by our agency and responded to the scene. Also standard policy, the involved deputy will be on paid administrative leave while the officer-involved-shooting portion of this incident is investigated by FDLE agents.

As you can see, this incident is complex and a tremendous amount of investigation (by FDLE and CCSO) will need to be done to clarify and determine "who-shot-who". In addition, detectives will determine if this was a random robbery of the home or if the victim and suspects knew each other.

Detectives are still working at this hour to verify the identities of the suspects and to contact next of kin of the deceased suspect. Detectives are also in the process of contacting the victim's family. We are not releasing the names of all the involved persons at this time, but will as soon as this process takes place. Our goal is to do that via email release before noon today (Thursday). In addition, the CCSO is attempting to locate a female witness who may have been at the home when the shootings took place. We have no information to release at this time ref: this witness, but will release additional details about her as they become available.

The CCSO is not planning any media briefings/press conferences today ref: this incident, unless major developments occur. All questions regarding the incident and the involved CCSO deputy should be sent to the FDLE, as they are the investigating agency on that part of this case.

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Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 11:58 PM
Subject: Shooting Incident Under Investigation in Oakleaf Area of Clay County

For Immediate Release

Shooting Incident Under Investigation in Oakleaf Area of Clay County

Shortly before 10:30pm tonight (Wednesday) the Clay County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of the 3600 block of Creswick Circle, a street in the Oakleaf area (Plantation Oaks). This location is now the scene of a shooting investigation preliminarily involving two victims. We cannot confirm the conditions of these victims or provide any information about them at this time as the scene is active. That information will be provided once confirmed by CCSO command staff on scene. No CCSO personnel have been injured.

Media members responding to the area area encouraged to go to the parking lot of the nearest Publix supermarket, off Plantation Oaks Blvd near the intersecton of Brannanfield Road. When a media briefing is held, this is the location where CCSO personnel will conduct it. You will be notified by this PIO when a time certain for a briefing is scheduled.

Thank you,
Mary Justino



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