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Illegal Dumping Arrests
Monday, July 11, 2011

For Immediate Release
July 12, 2011

Three Men Arrested: Connection to Illegal Dumping of Land Clearing Debris

Please find attached the booking information on three men connected to illegal dumping in Clay County. Two of the men, Randall Robbins and Randy Simoneau, are each charged with two counts of Littering Over 500 Lbs. A third involved suspect, Joseph Norris, was discovered to be a wanted fugitive out of Georgia and was picked up locally and transported back to that state for prosecution. Investigators from the county's Environmental Crimes Unit worked these cases and were able to prove the suspects' involvement.

The narratives of the attached affidavit for arrest warrants explain the circumstances. All three men were employees of AAA Tree Service and were caught dumping land clearing debris (trees, stumps, brush) from job sites onto the victims' private property at various locations. In this case, as with most others, this was done to avoid local disposal fees.

Environmental Crimes Unit investigators encourage residents to take two important steps when hiring a company to clear land or any service that requires debris hauling and dumping. First, always ask the prospective company/contractor where they plan to take the job site debris and how much that adds to the cost estimate. Second, tell them in advance that you want to see the disposal receipt when the job is completed. If the company/contractor is reluctant to reveal this information the resident should think twice about hiring them.

If you have any questions about these arrests or about illegal dumping in general, please contact the Clay County Environmental Crimes Unit at 904-278-3697.



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