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Drug Warrant Sweep Held in Clay
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Immediate Release
July 19, 2011

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Section led a team of dozens of deputies and detectives as a drug warrant sweep was conducted in Orange Park and Green Cove Springs Monday and today. In all, forty-one (41) subjects were arrested by the members of the Clay County Drug Task Force and they currently face a total of eighty-five (85) various charges. Please see the attached list which includes the names, DOB’s and charges for these forty-one people thus far.

Seventeen (17) subjects from the original target/warrant list are still at large and will be aggressively sought on their warrants by deputies throughout the rest of this week and beyond if necessary.

An incident occurred today in the Tanglewood neighborhood of Orange Park as the task force members worked to locate suspects and serve warrants. A CCSO deputy attempted a traffic stop on an individual who, instead of stopping, fled from the deputy in his vehicle. A brief pursuit ended when the suspect drove his car into a power box and nearby fence and then fled on foot. The car the suspect was driving was a rental car and narcotics were located inside the car. Detectives are working to identify the suspect who remains at large and to obtain a warrant for his arrest. Additional information will be released about this suspect when it becomes available.

Involved personnel: Clay County Drug Task Force/Organized Crime Section, Operation Safe Streets Blue Team, CCSO Warrants Section, CCSO General Investigations Detectives, CCSO Training Section deputies, CCSO Intelligence Section, CCSO K-9 Units, CCSO Reserve deputies, CCSO Detention deputies (jail), Orange Park Police Department officers, Green Cove Springs Police Department officers,
NCIS, US Marshal Service, DEA, ICE and Parole and Probation.
Name of Suspect DOB Charges Additional Charges

Alcorn, Malisa 3/2/1973 S/D Crack Cocaine
Arrington, Ezzard 6/24/1979 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school and S/D Controlled Sub
Austin, David 11/1/1979 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's 3)
Bartell, Daniel 12/6/1961 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school
Battle, Bobby 5/13/1957 S/D Crack Cocaine and S/D Hydrocodone Possession of Drug Paraphernaila
Chavarriaga, Ricardo Jr 12/12/1989 S/D Marijuana
Clark, Ashley 8/25/1986 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's2)
Creel, Christopher 11/11/1988 S/D Controlled Sub and S/D Prescription Drug Possession Cocaine, Possession Drug Paraphernaila, Poss New Ledgend Drug
Cruger, Demetrick 7/27/1992 S/D Marijuana
Deacon, Ericka 11/20/1992 S/D Controlled Sub and S/D Marijuana (x's2)
Fleming, Grady 1/11/1986 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 3) Held in the Duval County Jail
Frazier, Eric 10/28/1977 S/D Crack Cocaine
Frazier, Marcus 8/4/1990 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 3) Possession Marijuana < 20 grams
Googe, John 12/8/1954 Trafficking Hydrocodone
Hampshire, Anthony 4/11/1991 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 2)
Jefferson, Gerald 7/26/1980 S/D Controlled Sub (x's 2)
Kelsey, Patrick 11/5/1987 S/D Ecstacy Possession of ammo by Convicted Felon
Korey, Jeffery 10/1/1961 Trafficking Hydrocodone
Labay, Larry Jr. 6/21/1981 Poss Marijuana and Poss paraphernaila
Lee, Stephen 5/4/1990 S/D Controlled Sub
Littles, Herbert 1/31/1984 S/D Controlled Sub (x's2) and S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's 2) Possession Crack Cocaine
Meszaros, Marissa 6/16/1989 S/D Controlled Sub
Metheny, Katie 9/12/1942 Trafficking Hydrocodone (x's 2) and S/D Xanax
Miracle, Steve 3/21/1991 S/D Oxycodone
Moore, Jesse 11/7/1986 S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a public park
Ramirez, Veronica 9/23/1988 S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a public park
Ridgeway, Nigel 10/3/1989 S/D Marijuana
Robinson, Frank "Main Man" 11/24/1958 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 2)
Rowson, Tammy 4/12/1962 Trafficking Hydrocodone
Smiley, Antwan 2/14/1991 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 2)
Sweet, Lashay 12/10/1984 S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's2)
Tobler, Larry 9/11/1957 S/D Crack Cocaine
Williams, Kiarie 5/31/1989 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's 6)
Williams, Rudolph 4/23/1953 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's 2)
Wilson, Shelton 3/16/1983 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school (x's 3)
Woodard, Victoria 8/28/1990 S/D Controlled Sub
Wright, Christopher N/A S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a school Deceased
Wright, Michael E. 2/10/1955 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 4)
Zeigler, William "Roger" 10/17/1953 S/D Crack Cocaine (x's 4)

Additional arrests:

Brown, Jeffrey 6/8/1988 Possession Marijuana <20 grams
Bradley, Joseph 10/9/1984 Warrant - Burglary, Grand Theft



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