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Skeletal Remains Located in O.P. Pond
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The draining of the large retention pond continues at this hour and we anticipate that process will continue for the next several hours. Col. Aldrich just wrapped up the media briefing on site and provided some additional detail that I can now share.
The drainage work done by utility workers over the course of the last week is what initially caused the lake level to drop so that part of the skeletal remains became visible (no longer submerged). Yesterday, a 15-year-old boy came to the pond to fish and it is he who viewed the skeletal remains. He went home and told adult family members about it. They then came to the pond, confirmed what he saw and then contacted the Sheriff’s Office who responded to the scene. We are not releasing the names of these witnesses at this time to allow detectives time to complete the needed interviews.
We expect the recovery of all related evidence will take a minimum of two days at the retention pond site. The area surrounding it will remain taped off and monitored by CCSO members until our search of the area is complete. Please anticipate a follow up release Wednesday afternoon as our search of the area concludes.
Thank you,
Mary Justino, CCSO PIO

From: Mary Justino
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 11:06 AM
Subject: Skeletal Remains Located in Orange Park - Media Briefing at 11:45am

September 4, 2012

Skeletal Remains Located in Orange Park - Media Briefing at 11:45am

Clay County Sheriff’s Office detectives and crime scene technicians are on scene in Orange Park where human skeletal remains have been discovered overnight.

The location is a retention pond in a heavily wooded area near 350 Crossings Blvd off Wells Road. Media can meet with CCSO Col. Craig Aldrich at 11:45am for information on the discovery. Additional information will be released by email via this PIO as it becomes available throughout the day/week.

A work crew from Clay Utility Authority was working on drainage pipes in the area and spotted the bones. The pond is now being fully drained which will take several hours to complete. The goal is to drain the pond to locate additional remains that may be submerged.

A review of missing persons cases in our region has begun as part of the process of identifying the skeletal remains. In addition, there are homeless camps in this wooded area. Anyone with information about suspicious activity in this area of Wells Road is asked to contact the CCSO.

Members of the media may meet with Col. Aldrich in the daycare parking lot near this location, adjacent to the Suburban Inn. Thank you.

Mary Justino, CCSO PIO



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