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Pedestrian-Involved Fatal Crash
Friday, January 3, 2014

January 6, 2014
CCSO Responds to Weekend Pedestrian-Involved Fatality

On Friday evening (1/3/14) the CCSO responded to a crash involving a female pedestrian hit and killed by a car.
Victim (pedestrian/deceased): Christine Hengl, DOB 9/22/65, Keystone Heights resident (next-of-kin notified)
Driver: Stephanie Wainwright, DOB 3/19/84, Middleburg resident

Shortly before 8pm the CCSO received a call that a pedestrian had been hit by a car in the 6700 block of CR 315C in Keystone Heights. A vehicle traveling north on CR 315C struck an adult female who was walking on the roadway. The victim/pedestrian was wearing dark clothing in an area without street lights. Poor visibility appears to be the main factor in this crash. Neither speed nor alcohol use are suspected in regards to the driver. Witnesses tell the CCSO that the victim (Hengl) was walking home from a local bar when the accident occurred.

The investigation into this fatal crash is ongoing. No crash report available at this time.

Thank you,
Mary Justino, CCSO PAC



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