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    Training during meeting      Zach and Jon teaching fellow explorers      Fingerprinting                                                                                                                           a good handcuffing technique



Training for 2010 June States   Alexandra's dog (BooBoo) in uniform  Training during meeting


Training during meeting      Training during meeting     Training during meeting


 Training during meeting     Training during meeting   Training during meeting


      Training during meeting             Training during meeting               Training during meeting


   Training during meeting     Training during meeting                  Training during meeting           



    Training during meeting               Training during meeting                Training during meeting


    Training during meeting                 Training during meeting              Training during meeting


     Training during meeting              Training during meeting               Training during meeting  


  Ready For Inspection              Inspection                                      Inspection


                      Marching                                              Facing Movments                          Building Search's


                      Meeting                                                    Training                                                         Meeting


                        Training                                                  Training                                                        Training


                       Training                                                   Meeting                                                        Training


                     Training                                                       Training                                                   Training


                       Training                                                   Training                                                       Training


 For more information, please call (904) 838-8547 to talk to Deputy Howard Fryer. Or email us at  explorers@claysheriff.com

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