Finance Bureau


The Finance Bureau is led by Chief Financial Officer Elise Gann.


Chief Financial Officer Elise Gann

This bureau includes our Fiscal, Purchasing, and Human Resources Sections and is responsible for the accurate and timely accounting of all CCSO financial and human resources functions.

The CCSO is not just a law enforcement agency. It is also an organization that operates like a business, requiring proper fiscal management and accounting of taxpayer dollars. Annual fiscal audits help government entities like ours provide proof of solvent accounting standards and financial health, as well as maintaining good internal record keeping protocols.   For the tenth year in a row, our agency proudly received a comment free audit.

It is a tremendous responsibility to ensure all agency funds are properly spent and accounted for throughout the year, but the dedicated members of the Finance Bureau do an excellent job with that task. Each year the Sheriff submits an annual budget request to the Board of County Commissioners for approval. For Fiscal Year 2015-2016 the adopted CCSO budget (divided into three divisions; law enforcement, detention and judicial) is $50,792,292.

Through our agency’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF) local charities and not-for-profits can request funding. Donations are funded by seized and forfeited monies from criminal cases worked by our agency in accordance with the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act and are typically awarded to organizations whose mission supplements our agency’s overall crime prevention and/or social services goals. In accordance with Florida Statute 932.7055, our agency has the sole discretion to determine which program(s) will received the designated proceeds and donation amounts vary depending on the amount of funding available in the LETF each year. For more information on the request process, please contact our Finance Bureau via email at and review/complete the form below.

Law Enforcement Trust Fund Request for Funding


Fiscal Section staff are responsible for managing the agency’s Accounting and Payroll Units. The Payroll Unit is responsible for bi-monthly payroll processing for all full-time and part-time members (nearly $32 million annually). In the area of grant management, the Fiscal Section tracks and reports on all federal, state and local grant awards.


Purchasing Section staff processes more than $4 million worth of purchase orders for products or services annually. These members seek to obtain a quality product for the best price by researching prices and assisting other departments in obtaining quotes with the goal of fiscal accountability for all taxpayer dollars spent. This five-person also support the entire agency in the areas of printing, supply, travel, inventory, risk management and mail delivery. Each year they handle 8,000+ pounds of mail including about 25,000 pieces of out-going mail.

Human Resources

These members not only manage the hiring of new employees but also assist with coordination of our recruiting team, promotional testing, college internship program, maintenance of employee records and college program for employees. The CCSO Hiring Committee, made up of the four Bureau Commanders and the Chief Inspector, conducts in-depth interviews with candidates selected during the application review process and chooses the candidates that will continue the process. “HR” also manages employee benefits for all employees. This change consolidated all aspects of the hiring process for new employees making it much more efficient. Another important change last year involved revamping the training of new deputies through the creation of a Master Deputy Program. Each Master Deputy is now the “face of the Sheriff’s Office” in regards to recruiting new members at Job Fair events and in the community.