C.A.T. Combat Auto Theft

Why is this program for you?

  • This program was designed to allow for stolen vehicle recovery in a more timely fashion than traditional methods. For people who seldom travel at night, leave their vehicles parked outside overnight, or leave their vehicles parked in parking lots during the early morning hours, this program is beneficial for you.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, the yellow decal allows law enforcement to stop your vehicle if it is seen out between the hours of 1am and 5am. During this brief encounter, the law enforcement officer will determine if the driver is authorized to have the vehicle in his/her possession.
  • The program also provides security for our aging population who may be suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s and become confused during the early morning hours and begin to travel in their vehicle.

How do I sign up for this free service?

  • Bring this application, along with the vehicle registration to either substation located at 3799 Irvine Court, Middleburg, FL or 212 Blanding Blvd, OP, FL. The registered owner must be present with the vehicle, or the applicant must have Power of Attorney over the registered owner and be in possession of the vehicle.
  • C.A.T. Program Application Form

What to do if stopped by a deputy:

C.A.T. Decal Placement Guide

  • Remain calm and do not make any sudden movements
  • Place your hands on the steering wheel, unless directed otherwise by the deputy
  • Follow all the instructions the deputy gives you
  • If you have an emergency, tell the deputy immediately

How can I withdraw from this service?