Wall Of Honor

Wall of Honor Photograph

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Wall of Honor recognizes the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. These brave men lost their lives in the line of duty, protecting and serving Clay County.

We proudly display their photographs at our headquarters and honor their sacrifice, which will never be forgotten.

  • Deputy Ben Zirbel

Deputy Ben Zirbel was killed in the line of duty from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.  His passing on August 21, 2018, came a few days after the crash, which occurred on August 18.  He was 40 years old at the time of his death.  His dedication to the CCSO was unwavering.

  • Detective David White

Det. White was shot and killed during a drug investigation on February 16, 2012. Just 35 years old, at the time of his death, he was posthumously named our agency’s 2011 Deputy of the Year for his work to reduce the illegal pill trade in Clay County.

  • Sergeant Kenneth “Eddie” Hayes

Sgt. Hayes, 39, died on May 26, 2002, as a result of a heart attack.

  • Deputy Wilson Walker

Dep. Walker died on December 17, 1994, as a result of medical complications caused by materials used during his work as an evidence technician.

  • Auxiliary Deputy Arthur Caton

Auxiliary Dep. Caton died on July 15, 1979, as a result of a heart attack suffered while working a traffic detail in Orange Park.

  • Sergeant Richard Watkins

Sgt. Watkins died on May 3, 1976, after responding to an attempted suicide call. A fatal crash occurred while he was following an ambulance en route to the hospital.

  • Sheriff Theodore Cherry

Sheriff Cherry served from 1911 until his death on July 6, 1913. A suspect shot and killed him during an interview.

  • Sheriff Charles Wilson

Sheriff Wilson served from 1905 until his death on July 10, 1906. A suspect shot and killed him during an arrest attempt aboard a train.

  • Sheriff Josephus Peeler

Sheriff Peeler served from 1889 until his death on May 10, 1894. He was shot while trying to stop an argument between two men at a train station.

Clay County Honors our Fallen Heroes

Detective David A. White Memorial Headquarters

On May 7, 2013, the newly-constructed Clay County Law Enforcement Memorial, renamed the Detective David A. White Memorial Headquarters, was dedicated. The front entrance of the Green Cove Springs building was transformed and now includes a granite memorial wall, two granite benches, a flag pole, and entrance grounds that are paved with engraved memorial pavers. Residents and business owners donated funds, and most of the supplies needed to create this memorial. We remain grateful for their contributions.

Detective David A. White Memorial Headquarters