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If you were to meet Sergeant Ben Wase on the streets of Clay County, no doubt you would not be alone in thinking he is one big human being. At 6’5, clad in his Clay County Sheriff’s Office green uniform, Ben is an intimidating figure by any standard. However, if you make it by Carl Pugh Park in Green Cove Springs on a tee ball night, you’re bound to witness where this giant of a man stands tallest, as “Coach Ben” on Team America.

Coach Ben is one of the coaches that lead the 4-6-year-old tee ball team called “Team America” in the Green Cove Springs little league. Coach Ben’s dedication to these kids is truly inspiring as he consistently meets them with encouragement, hitting pointers, and literally a HUGE high five. Coach Ben’s efforts help to show these young tee ballers how to approach not only this game of tee ball but also how being a part of the Community goes beyond the badge.

The head coach, Mike Ladd, said, “To see Ben coming off a night shift and finding the energy to set such a positive example for these kids is pretty awesome!” Team America’s coaching philosophy has been pretty simple – teach the fundamentals, show sportsmanship at all times, and give the kids a chance to fall in love with the game of baseball. Coach Ben’s positive influence on this group of kids is substantial and the perfect example of being a role model.

Written by: Mike Ladd, Deputy Director, Clay County Division of Emergency Management