Clay County Sheriff Daniels Calls it a Breakdown in Procedure

Green Cove Springs, Fla. Jan. 10 – Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels continues to look into how an inmate impersonated another inmate and was released from the Detention Center. Jessica Arnott left the jail for an hour and half on Monday, Jan. 9. She now faces escape and grand theft charges.

There is currently a strong policy for the release of inmates. But, Sheriff Daniels is calling for a more intense look at policies and procedures.

“I am incensed that this occurred and necessary discipline will be administered. There appears to have been a procedural breakdown based on human factor,” said Sheriff Daniels. “Instead of creating an environment of establishing blame, I will set up an environment where this does not occur again.”

Jessica Davis was set to be released on bond Monday. Instead, Arnott went through the releasing process, posing as Davis, and left the Clay County Detention Center.

Davis’ mother saw Arnott in her daughter’s clothing at the intersection of Gratio Place and Walnut Street. She reported the incident to police and Arnott was returned to the jail.

The internal investigation continues.

Chris Padget