New Program to Collect Fees from Former Inmates

Green Cove Springs, Fla. Aug. 14 – The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has found another way to save taxpayers money. The Detention Department has teamed up with a company to collect fees owed by former inmates through “Pay My Jailer.” More than $200,000 had not been collected for services provided to former inmates over the past year. Since the program began in July 2017, the sheriff’s office has recouped more than $3,000.

The goal is to ensure funds are recovered for those booked into the detention facility and for those who received services such as medical and dental care. A “Pay My Jailer” notice is sent to former detainees. They can take it to any Wells Fargo branch and pay the fee, which will be credited to their account. There is a $30 handling fee. The money collected goes into the county’s Fine and Forfeiture Fund, which supports the Detention Budget.

Chris Padget