CCSO Wanted Persons for the Week of 02-15-16

Please call the C.C.S.O. Warrants Unit at (904) 264-6512 if you have information on the location of any of these people.


Thomas Walter Moore

W/M     DOB: 02-17-84     HGT: 5’11     WGT: 135

CHARGE: Grand Theft

LKA: Lori Loop Rd.     Keystone Heights, FL.


Kyle John Murphy

W/M     DOB: 03-05-90     HGT: 5’07     WGT: 150

CHARGE: Dealing in Stolen Property/ False Verification of Ownership

LKA: Bentwood Ln.     Orange Park, FL.


Michael Bradley Hagan

W/M     DOB: 10-10-86     HGT: 6’03     WGT: 230

CHARGE: Tampering W/Victim Felony Domestic Violence/ Violation of Pre-trial Release

LKA: Jason Dr.     Jacksonville, FL.


Jonathan Allan Silverman

W/M     DOB: 09-16-80     HGT: 6’01     WGT: 150

CHARGE: 6 CTS VOP Grand Theft

LKA: Brookwood Rd.     Orange Park, FL.


Ronald Wendell Flowers

B/M     DOB: 10-14-69     HGT: 5’07     WGT: 170

CHARGE: Child Abuse

LKA: McDower Ln.     Orange Park, FL.


Matthew James Horvath

W/M     DOB: 09-25-83     HGT: 5’09     WGT: 175

CHARGE: Fail to Report Residence Change

LKA: Slash Pine Ct.     Orange Park, FL.


Christine Michele Launer

W/F     DOB: 06-19-73     HGT: 5’04     WGT: 135

CHARGE: Burglary to Occupied Conveyance/Grand Theft

LKA: 103rd St.     Jacksonville, FL.


Austin Robert Mencner-Lee

W/M     DOB: 07-26-95     HGT: 5’09     WGT: 180

CHARGE: VOP Drug Offender

LKA: McGirts Creek Dr.     Jacksonville, FL.


Michelle Annette Thompson

B/F     DOB: 03-24-81     HGT: 5’06     WGT: 147

CHARGE: 2 CTS VOP Drug Offender/Burglary of Dwelling

LKA: Amanda Ln.     Middleburg, FL.


Alexandra Faith Gowan

W/F     DOB: 05-13-89     HGT: 5’06     WGT: 135

CHARGE: VOP Grand Theft

LKA: County Road 218     Maxville, FL.


Spencer Scott Lookebill

W/M     DOB: 07-01-91     HGT: 6’00     WGT: 140

CHARGE: Burglary Unoccupied Dwelling/ Grand Theft

LKA: Junction Dr.     Middleburg, FL.


Destiny Daniella Allen

B/F     DOB: 08-24-97         HGT: 5’05     WGT: 116

CHARGE: FTA Possession of Controlled Substance/ DWLSR

LKA: Haven Ave.     Green Cove Springs, FL

Please call the C.C.S.O. Warrants Unit at (904) 264-6512 if you have information on the location of any of these people.




































Chris Padget