Clay County Sheriff’s Office

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    CLAY COUNTY RESIDENT ARRESTED FOR ARMED ROBBERY CLAY COUNTY, FL – Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook announces the arrest of D’eareo Harris (18, Clay

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From End to Beginning

How the story ends: Deep within the walls of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Michelle Cook, flanked by more than a dozen law enforcement

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Murky Waters

Across Florida, the scene has played out hundreds of times in recent history. A driver loses control of a car and careens into a retention

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Dogs are in Control

You might think you live in Gator Country, but it is the dogs who rule the day at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. Apart from

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The Guards

They are many things to many people. To the driver in a rush, they are a hindrance. To the community in which they live and

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CCSO Marine Unit

The envious observer can only contemplate the feeling, but the true boater experiences the moment. When the ramp is quiet and the water is calm,

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