Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas message

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL — The Christmas season is here, and unfortunately not everyone will get the message that they have options, so keep in mind a few safety tips as you go about your holiday preparations. 

Lock your vehicles 

Whether you’re out or at your house, always lock your vehicles and hide your valuables. 

Secure your purchases 

When you’re out shopping don’t leave your purchases in plain view in your vehicle. 

Watch your valuables 

Secure your purse or wallet when you’re at a store, and never leave your valuables (including your phone) unattended. 

Prepare your home 

Make it seem like you’re at home when you’re away for a few days. Leave a porch light on, have a neighbor or friend bring in your mail and paper. 

Beware of porch pirates

If you can’t be home to receive your packages, ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to take them in for you. You can also have them delivered to you job. Track your packages online to make sure they get to your hands safely. 

Laura Shassberger