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Clay County Sheriff’s Office COVID-19 response

As a response to COVID-19, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office has taken measures to help limit the spread of the virus and to protect our residents and visitors.

In order to minimize unnecessary community contact, the lobbies at our Headquarters and Operations Centers are closed to the general public. Please call beforehand if you need our services in person; for example, to request copies of reports, background checks.

Please read on for a full list of services that have been impacted by this global pandemic.

Pursuant to CDC guidelines, we have cancelled most of our public events and community engagement activities. We are focusing utilizing virtual meetings (where possible) and any in-person events will adhere to CDC guidelines.

Our staff in the Detention Department/Jail are screened daily upon entry into the facility. We have implemented a variety of procedures to protect our staff and the inmates in our custody.

We have suspended all non-essential inmate programs. Programs such as court-mandated Batterers Intervention and inmate religious programs will comply with all CDC guidelines.

Newly arriving inmates are screened prior to being admitted into the jail facility. An additional screening takes place during the inmate processing procedure. Once admitted into the jail, new inmates will be housed in a limited occupancy dorm for up to seven days to reduce the likelihood of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. After the quarantine period, inmates will be transitioned to the general population dorms.

Disinfection and cleaning procedures for the inmate housing units occur several times throughout each shift.