Elder Watch

The Elder Watch Program is designed to enhance contact with homebound elderly persons and residents with special needs.

Elder Watch Program is designed to enhance contact with homebound elderly residents with special needsThe CCSO is often contacted by out-of-state family members who are concerned for the well-being of these persons due to a lack of contact.

Through Elder Watch, regular contact will be established with those who request to participate in the program. This program will be operated by members of the VIPS (Volunteers in Police Services) Program who will establish randomly-timed telephone contact with the homebound person on a daily basis to check on the well-being of the participant. If through the course of his regular duties a CCSO deputy encounters a resident who could benefit from Elder Watch participation, the deputy will be encouraged to provide the form to that resident.

Elder Watch Form

Elder Watch Program Details

  • Once a day, a VIPS member will attempt to contact the participant by telephone
  • The primary contact number will be the home phone number, unless the participant indicates that a cellular telephone number should be the primary contact
  • The VIPS member will call the participant and document the contact in the CCSO computer system; if there is no answer, the VIPS member will call the number two more times, at 5 to 10- minute intervals; if there is still no answer the volunteer will try the alternate phone numbers
  • If those additional contacts don’t know the location of the participant, the VIPS member will contact Communications and advise that they have been unable to contact a participant in the Elder Watch Program
  • Communications will build a call for patrol to check on the welfare of the participant, including information on attempts to contact by VIPS
  • Patrol will respond to the residence to attempt to make contact with the participant and decide if forced entry is required

We stresses the importance of increasing awareness of the availability of this program and wants our agency to help insure the safety of our county’s most vulnerable residents.

Elder Watch Participant Forms can be picked up at any CCSO office during normal business hours. Residents may also contact the CCSO VIPS office at 904-213-6062 to request that a form be mailed to their home. Or, simply open and print your own copy here. Elder Watch Form