The Clay County Sheriff’s Office takes seriously the threat that exists for anyone to become the victim of crime. Some of the most heinous crimes our detectives investigate are those involving victims who are children, elderly or handicapped. For anyone of any age or condition, it is important to think ahead about crime prevention and self-defense tactics.

  • Abduction Prevention

In today’s society, criminals will target our children. As a result, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office endorses the Child Lures Program curriculum. Deputies in the Juvenile Crime Unit are trained to instruct children on the best ways to avoid being abducted and tactics and behaviors to improve their chance of surviving such a horrific event should it ever occur. While our deputies typically provide this information in a school setting, you can receive the same information used by deputies online by visiting You can obtain program materials for use at civic meetings, church groups and for home-schooled students.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Safety

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Safety

Clay County’s young people spend much of their leisure time online. The internet can be a wonderful learning and social tool, but it can also expose unsuspecting children to the criminal element and make them targets for abduction or abuse. We encourage parents to review these simple guidelines with their children.

  • DO keep your personal information (last name, password, address, phone number) private.
  • DO stop what you are doing and tell a trusted adult if something online makes you uncomfortable.
  • DO avoid arguments with online bullies.
  • DON’T meet in person with online-only friends.
  • DON’T become an online bully by being abusive to others.
  • DON’T open email/message or download files from people you don’t know.

Our agency conducts self-defense training courseSexual Assault Prevention & Self-Defense

Periodically, our agency conducts self-defense training course. These courses are typically scheduled in partnership with the Clay County School District, large companies and church groups. The class consists of classroom discussion followed by hands-on self-defense training.

For more information about the availability of upcoming self-defense classes, please call (904) 264-6512 and ask to speak with our Training Unit supervisor.