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The Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) program draws on the skills and abilities of community volunteers to support the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in a wide range of non-law enforcement roles. Volunteers are a valuable resource and serve in diverse capacities including clerical assignments, special projects, research, crime prevention initiatives and community events. By providing vital support services to the agency, volunteers enhance public safety and enable sworn personnel to handle critical public safety needs.

Individuals are not brought into the program unless a specific assignment that requires a VIPS is identified by department personnel. CCSO makes every attempt to match the skills and backgrounds of volunteers with the tasks to be accomplished. Although VIPS are assigned to a primary location in the department, they may also be reassigned to another area of greater need. For more information, contact Angel Albritton at, or you can apply below.

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  • Must complete an application form
  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Must be in good physical and mental health
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Must interview favorably with the program coordinator
  • Must not be a current law enforcement officer
  • Must be able to volunteer a minimum of fifteen hours of service per quarter
Standard Opportunities
  • Administrative/office support
  • Community Affairs
  • Data entry
  • Special events
  • Field assistance
  • Victim services
  • Mail distribution

In addition to the standard VIPS opportunities, the agency has other programs which may be of interest.

  • Elder Watch

This program ensures the personal welfare of the senior population in the Clay County community. It is designed to enhance contact with homebound elderly persons and residents with special needs. Often, our agency is contacted by out-of-town family members who are concerned for the well-being of these persons, due to a lack of contact. A VIPS volunteer makes daily contact with individuals who request to participate. Volunteers establish telephonic contact with homebound persons to check on their condition. Elder Watch Participant Form

  • Jail Inmate Enrichment and Ministry Program

Opportunities are available for eligible members of the community to volunteer with enrichment and faith-based programs to the inmate population. Volunteers serve as literacy, life skills and parenting coaches, as well as resume writing and financial planning instructors.  Please contact CCSO Chaplain Joe Williams at (904) 213-5924 for details. The chaplain conducts jail volunteer orientations twice each year. The Jail Ministry Program involves 11 services conducted weekly led by volunteers.

Volunteers receive on-the-job training for their civilian assignments.  Volunteers are not trained to do specific police-related tasks. 

Resources provided by CCSO include:

  • Identification badge
  • Training
  • Recognition
  • Volunteer liability insurance

VIPS Application Form