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A sworn Sheriff’s Deputy is an employee of Clay County and commissioned by the Sheriff to continuously bear arms and protect the citizens of our county. Your badge is a symbol of our public trust, and a reminder of the important responsibility that the Clay County Sheriff’s Office has in serving our community.

Duties: You will be responsible for monitoring and responding to dispatch, calls for service, and conducting minor investigations. You must be able to apprehend suspects; make arrests; and conduct active patrolling of an assigned area, zone, or beat. 

Your duties also include conducting traffic stops and providing assistance to other units.

Florida Law Enforcement Academy

Learn about programs offered nearby at St. Johns River State College to help you get started in your law enforcement career.

Why Clay County?

Learn more about why Clay County is the perfect place to start and finish your career in law enforcement.

Out of State Officers

Equivalency of Training

Attend courses at nearby St. Johns River State College to obtain certification as an officer in Florida without having to attend a full basic recruit academy.

If you are an out-of-state officer looking to join our team, but are unable to participate in the EOT because of training having not been completed, please contact to see if we can assist. 

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CEO Judson Sapp and Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook

Judson Sapp hosts Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook to discuss law enforcement issues. From the latest breaking news to cold cases, we answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Tune in weekly!