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The Public Information Office (PIO) serves as the communication hub for the agency. Tasked with the dissemination of information to both the media and the community, the PIO assumes a multifaceted role. This encompasses management of social media platforms, upkeep of the agency’s website, and the development of messaging and graphics designed to maintain the agency’s brand image across all platforms.

In addition to these responsibilities, the PIO organizes press conferences and coordinates the release of information. In times of heightened activity or crisis, the PIO assumes the responsibility of delivering timely and pertinent updates to the community. Furthermore, the PIO showcases community events and the contributions of agency members.

Harris Abbegail 07587

Abbegail Harris

Public Information Deputy  

Deputy Abbegail Harris brings nine years of experience to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, initially serving as a Public Service Aide before transitioning to a Deputy role in patrol. With five years in patrol, including time as a Field Training Officer, her dedication and expertise shine. Prior to joining CCSO, Abbegail spent eight years as a regional safety coordinator for a hauling company, demonstrating her commitment to safety and administrative proficiency across a five-state area. 

CEO Judson Sapp and Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook

Judson Sapp hosts Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook to discuss law enforcement issues. From the latest breaking news to cold cases, we answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Tune in weekly!