Clay County Sheriff’s Office

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Public Information Unit

Deputy Ford recording a news conference with his phone

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Unit is charged with disseminating information to the community and to the media. The unit accomplishes that through the agency’s social media platforms, interviews with the media, and the agency website. Deputy Andrew Ford and Brandon Ludwig make up the Public Information Unit, and they handle the agency’s social media accounts, media interviews, news conference organization, active situation community updates, the agency website, and appear at all of the events held by the sheriff’s office.

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The PIO Unit also handles in-house training videos, the agency’s website, agency-wide messaging, and graphic design. With the changes that came about through COVID-19 agency events, like the Police Memorial, were virtual. The PIOs organized, shot, produced, and edited the those events so our community and our members could still partake – safely. 

Sheriff Michelle Cook at a news conference with other CCSO members
official picture of Drew Ford

Andrew Ford

Public Information Deputy   

Ford has more than 23 years of law enforcement experience.  He started his career with the Philadelphia Police Department. Ford later worked for the CSX Police Department, where he served as a supervisory special agent in several areas in the agency. In 2017, he joined the Clay County Sheriff’s Office where he served as a patrol deputy and a school resource officer before moving to the PIO Unit. 

Brandon Ludwig 

Public Information Officer   

Ludwig is a fourth generation Clay County resident, who has worked in on-air and production capacities at Jacksonville’s WSKR and Washington D.C.’s WMAL. Most recently, he served as the Press Secretary for U.S. Representative Kat Cammack, before joining the CCSO in 2021. Ludwig is a graduate of the University of North Florida.