Director Ricky Wright leads the Services Department of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) which is made up of the Support Services Division and Logistic/General Support Division. The abil­ity of any deputy to answer calls for service and provide professional police protection to citizens around the clock often depends on the actions of the dedicated members of this department.

From highly-skilled public safety telecommunicators who serve as direct conduits for communication with the first responding deputies to building and maintenance staff who are responsible for housing more than 500 employees to fleet main­tenance personnel who maintain over 500 pieces of equipment, the concept of working together to accomplish a common goal is the key ingredient to the operational success of the department.

Chief Anthony Dangerfield in uniform with an American flag Support Services Division

Chief Anthony Dangerfield heads up the Support Services Division. This division includes: Information Services, Communications, Civil Section and Uniform Crime Reporting Unit. The Information Services Section is responsible for managing all agency computer systems, networks and telephones. The Communications Section answers and directs all calls received by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. The Civil Section serves and processes evictions, civil papers and  more. The Uniform Crime Reporting Unit ensures the sheriff’s office is in compliance with the FBI reporting standards for crime data.

Logistics/General Support DivisionChief Richard Elkins

Chief Richard Elkins leads a staff that is responsible for maintaining 500 vehicles and maintaining the sheriff’s office headquarters building in Green Cove Springs as well as the Orange Park, Middleburg and Keystone Heights Operations Centers, facilities housing about 540 employees. He supervises Fleet Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Evidence, Records and Secondary Employment – all vital roles.