Clay County Sheriff’s Office

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The Investigations & Special Operations Department is led by Director Wayne McKinney. It’s home to highly visible arms of the agency including our SWAT team, the Narcotics & Special Operations Division, the Emergency Preparedness Unit, and Negotiations. Our Investigations Division, the  Robbery Homicide Unit, Dive Team, Honor Guard, and our Fugitive/Sex Offender Unit also fall under this department. 

The leadership of this department is rounded out by Chief of Special Operations Jeff Johnson  and Chief of Investigations Thomas Cotchaleovitch. 

The aspects that make up this department are dedicated to justice, safety, and righting wrongs committed against the citizens of Clay County. From property crimes to domestic violence to investigative support, the men and women who work in this department work each and every day to especially make an impact on the lives of people in Clay County. 

Dive team member in gear getting out of water
Portrait of Johnson, Jeff 06008 with a flag
Chief of Special Operations Jeff Johnson
Portrait of Cotchaleovitch, Thomas 06698 with a flag
Chief of Investigations Thomas Cotchaleovitch