Clay County Sheriff’s Office

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The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is taking steps to increase community awareness by providing security advice and related services to residents before and after a burglary is committed.

Don’t forget – an unlocked car is a crime of opportunity. Don’t give thieves that opportunity! Remove your valuables and secure your vehicle, home and property.

Tips to Protect Your Property

  • Consider installation of a professional, monitored, registered alarm system.
  • While out of town, have mail and newspaper delivery postponed or ask a neighbor to pick it up regularly.
  • Sign up for the House Watch Program to notify deputies that you will be away.
  • Proper lighting of your house and surrounding yard/driveway is crucial to preventing a break-in.
  • While on vacation, attach interior lamps to automatic on/off switch system.
  • “Beware of Dog” signs are a great deterrent – so is an actual dog!
  • Landscape under first-floor windows using thorny plants such as rose and holly bushes.
Car with valuables in plain sight

House Watch Program – (904) 264-6512