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Registration of alarm systems installed in the unincorporated area of Clay County, both commercial and residential, is required pursuant to county ordinance. A permit can be acquired through the Clay County Building Division. Please keep all alarm contact information current.

Clay County Building Division
P.O. Box 1366
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
(904) 278-4705


  • In addition to any requirements established within the unincorporated area of Clay County Ordinance (Ch 12, Sec 12-124), all alarm contractors must comply with this section. This section denotes the prerequisites prior to applying for an alarm company application.
  • Each occurrence of a false alarm from a particular alarm system during any period of 365 days in excess of three shall be deemed unlawful and a violation of this article by the alarm user. The fines range from $25 to $250.
  • Alarm fines are paid to the Clay County Clerk of Courts Office.

False Alarm Prevention

  • Become familiar with your alarm system and know your password.
  • Cancel false alarms immediately through your alarm company.
  • Before arming your system, make sure that all doors and windows are closed properly.
  • Make sure that all motion sensor areas are clear of any moving items (reflective materials, banners, fans and family pets can cause false alarms).
  • Everyone with access to your property should be familiar with your system and have a password.
  • Report any problems that you are experiencing with your alarm system to your alarm company.
  • Periodically, call your alarm company and the CCSO to make sure your emergency contact list is accurate and up to date.
  • Never test your alarm without first contacting the monitoring service and CCSO Dispatch at (904) 264-6512 or (352) 473-7211.
  • Have your alarm system checked yearly by a certified alarm technician.

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