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Clay County Sheriff’s Office Social Media Policy

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office manages multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Our agency manages these pages as a limited public forum, and conditions do apply. In order to promote appropriate information exchange with the community, the CCSO welcomes comments related to specific posts. Comments posted on the pages are monitored periodically, not continuously. Our agency reserves the right to DELETE or HIDE material we deem as inappropriate. We also reserve the right to BLOCK users who post materials we view as being in violation of conditions.

Examples of such materials that are prohibited include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Obscene, vulgar and/or derogatory language
  • Sexual content, racism, slander, hate, personal attacks and so forth
  • Content that threatens, demoralizes and/or defames any person or organization or content that violates the privacy of such
  • Entries that violate intellectual property rights
  • Postings that endorse or oppose political candidates and/or ballot propositions
  • Advertisements of any kind that promote services or products
  • Promotion of illegal activity
  • Information which might compromise the safety and security of the public
  • Postings not “topically” related to the particular posting, such as solicitations, promoting of other entities or conversations not concerning the post

A posting on these pages constitutes acceptance of these terms. Individuals in violation of these terms, which may cause a HIDE, DELETION, or BLOCKING, will not be warned but simply handled accordingly.

Please note: Online communications, including comments and direct messages, are not monitored 24/7. Emergencies, criminal incidents, or serious concerns needing a response must be directed to our Communications Section at (904)264-6512 or by dialing/texting 911. A “like” on your post or comments from our agency does not constitute our approval or acceptance, but rather an acknowledgement of our review.

CEO Judson Sapp and Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook

Judson Sapp hosts Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook to discuss law enforcement issues. From the latest breaking news to cold cases, we answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Tune in weekly!