Clay County Sheriff’s Office

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The main objective of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Purchasing Section is the acquisition of quality goods and services at the lowest cost. We are constantly seeking new sources of supply. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office welcomes your participation in these efforts and promises to treat all vendors fairly.

The two main points of contact for doing business with the agency are the CCSO Purchasing Section and the CCSO Civil Unit. You can access the Civil Unit page, located under the Resources tab.

Pursuant to State Statutes 274,705 and 932, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office periodically offers for sale to the general public unclaimed lost/abandoned property, unclaimed evidence, seized property and surplus equipment.

The agency reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to accept only bids that in its best judgment are in the best interest of the county and/or the sheriff’s office. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office uses the services of the auction company Public Surplus. You can view available auction items by visiting the Public Surplus website.

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