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Understanding civil process and all the related statutes may seem daunting. Our goal is to present the details to you here in a manner that helps you increase awareness, expedite the process and achieve your goals.

By providing a glossary of terms, helpful links, fee schedules and more, we hope you’ll become better able to navigate through civil process services.

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Execution and Replevin Requirements

Writ of Possession Procedures

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office needs the plaintiff or plaintiff’s agent to provide the Civil Section with the following:

  • Original writ, a certified copy of the writ or an electronic copy of the writ, which was signed and certified by the Clerk of Court and two copies for service.
  • Nonrefundable fee of $90, in cash, money order, cashiers check or business check with business information on the face of the check.
  • A contact name and number the officer is to call with the date and time for the eviction.
  • A correct address is required (your document will not be accepted otherwise), to include correct numerical, apartment number or suite. The plaintiff or his/her agent may be required to provide additional information before acceptance.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Civil Section Specialist looking through filing cabinetThe Civil Section specialist will provide the customer with a receipt for payment of the fee. The specialist will prepare the appropriate paper work and place the Writ of Possession in the appropriate Civil Section deputy’s box for service. Please do not ask the specialist when the deputy will complete your eviction because the specialist does not know this information.

The assigned deputy will usually post the eviction on the premises the following day or shortly thereafter and will schedule the eviction with the plaintiff or plaintiff’s agent as soon as possible, taking into consideration statute limitations and workload. On the scheduled day and time of eviction, the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s agent will meet the assigned deputy at the premises and the deputy will turn possession of the premises over to this person. The only responsibility the deputy has is to remove persons from the premises and maintain the peace. If the deputy is required to stand by, there may be additional fees required at a specific rate per hour or any part thereof after.

Upon delivering possession of the premises to the plaintiff or his/her agent, the officer will provide the plaintiff or his/her agent a stamped copy of the Writ of Possession with the date, time and the deputy’s initials. The original Writ of Possession will be returned to the court with a sheriff’s office return.

*Disclaimer: This is not to be considered as legal advice, but only to be used as a guideline. If the plaintiff or his/her agent decide to recall the Writ for a specific reason, they must contact the Civil Section and also are required to provide the Civil Section with a written statement indicated the reason the Writ is to be recalled. If the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s agent have taken possession of the premises prior to the deputy’s arrival, the deputy will return all documents and complete a return to the courts stating that this Writ was non-served.

Scheduled Fees List