Domestic Violence

On average annually, approximately one third of the violent crimes committed in Clay County are domestic violence related.

iStock_000001009884_LargeSimply stated, more than one third of the perpetrators were the spouse, parent, child, sibling, relative or roommate of the person they victimized.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office fully endorses and supports the efforts of the Quigley House, Clay County’s comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault center.  Our agency members conduct a major fundraising campaign each year called “Beards & Blossoms” during which our male members are allowed to grow a beard in exchange for a donation and our female and male members can contribute by purchasing flower arrangements (thank you Park Avenue Florist!). Proceeds go to Quigley House and the worthwhile services they provide to Clay County women and children.

We encourage you to visit the Quigley House website for a full review of their services.

The Quigley House 24-hour Hotline
is also a great resource at 1-800-339-5017.

In addition, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provides additional information that may be helpful in both English and Spanish.

The men and women of the CCSO are committed to reducing crime in Clay County and to protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Curbing and preventing domestic violence is a top priority.