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You work hard for your money, and you have a big heart for others who may be struggling—especially during this holiday season. However, you would not drive down the highway throwing your hard-earned money out of the window, and Clay County officials want to remind you to use the same vigilance when making a charitable donation. As you may notice, a recent interpretation of existing law has resulted in widespread panhandling in major intersections. While some of these groups may use the money as you intended, it is nearly impossible to verify an organization while waiting for a red light to change to green. When you’re solicited for a donation at your home, workplace, by phone, or while in your car, please be wise and give wisely.
To check the tax-exempt status of an organization, you may go to or locally, you can submit questions to the
Clay County Community and Social Services staff via email at By all means, please continue to give to meaningful charities that are doing great work in our community and throughout the world. Remember, don’t throw your money out the window. We encourage you to give wisely.