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Clay County Sheriff’s Office Employee Recognition

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Employee Recognition Program recognizes and rewards work and behaviors that support and further the missions, values and initiatives of the agency.

CCSO recognizes outstanding service in the following categories:

  • Medal of Honor

This medal is the highest honor awarded by the sheriff and is presented in extraordinary cases where a member risks his/her life in the line of duty. The member’s action must have exemplified outstanding bravery, exceptional gallantry and extreme courage.

  • Medal of Valor

This award is given to members who distinguish themselves by conspicuous acts of gallantry or acts of extraordinary heroism. Their action must be voluntary, in excess of normal demands, pose an imminent threat to member safety and be above and beyond the call of duty at the risk of losing his/her life.

  • Lifesaving Award

This award is given to a member whose intervention in a life threatening situation directly results in saving a human life.

  • Purple Heart Award

This award is granted for any serious injury inflicted on a member while performing official duties, by criminal means or by friendly weapon fire.

  • Certificate of Commendation

This certificate is given to a member of the agency performing his/her duties in a superior manner, bringing credit to him/her and to the sheriff’s office.

  • Certificate of Appreciation

This certificate is awarded to a citizen in recognition of meritorious service rendered to the agency.

  • Florida Sheriff’s Association Distinguished Service Certificate

This recognition is presented to a private citizen who has assisted the sheriff’s office in crime prevention, apprehension of criminals, protecting life and property or in making a contribution toward improving law enforcement efficiency.

  • Citizen of the Year

This award is given annually by the sheriff and his/her staff.

  • Employees of the Quarter/Year

Awards are given each quarter to a deputy sheriff, corrections officer, full-time or part-time civilian employee, law enforcement supervisor up to the rank of lieutenant, corrections/civilian supervisor up to the rank of lieutenant and reserve/volunteer.

  • Years of Service Pins

CEO Judson Sapp and Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook

Judson Sapp hosts Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook to discuss law enforcement issues. From the latest breaking news to cold cases, we answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Tune in weekly!