Most Wanted

CCSO Most Wanted Week of 7/17/17

Shawn Michael Culbertson W/M    DOB: 2/15/94   HGT: 6’ 1”    WGT: 143 Charge: Lewd or Lascivious Battery Last Known Address: 103rd Street in Jacksonville, FL         Tyler Packar Ward W/M    DOB: 8/25/95   HGT: 5’ 11”    WGT: 150 Charge: Criminal Mischief Last Known Address: Oakleaf area in Orange Park, FL  

CCSO Most Wanted Week of 07/03/17

Shannon Nicole Anderson W/F     DOB: 3/13/86    HGT: 5’2”    WGT: 140 Charge: VOP CC Driving Under the Influence with Property Damage Last Known Address: Melvin Road in Jacksonville, FL       John William Cardenas W/M    DOB: 3/10/63    HGT: 5’9”    WGT: 203 Charge: Failure to Update Address/Provide Address to Sheriff’s Office – Career Offender Last Known …Read More

CCSO Most Wanted Week of 06/12/17

Slade Tanner Sullivan W/M    DOB: 8/22/94    HGT: 5’4”    WGT: 130 Charge: Leaving the scene with injury; Violation of drug offender probation; Possession of cocaine; Possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis Last Known Address: Talisman Drive in Middelburg, FL         Marcos Martinez W/M    DOB: 4/19/84    HGT: 5’8”    WGT: 185 Charge: Violation …Read More

CCSO Most Wanted Week of 06/05/17

Todaryl Brueshae Britt B/M    DOB: 3/8/72    HGT: 5’5”     WGT: 150 Charge: Fail to Upgrade Florida ID; Fail to Report Residence Change Last Known Address: Bowie Boulevard in Orange Park, FL         Garrett Lee Gray W/M    DOB: 3/5/87    HGT: 6’2”    WGT: 210 Charge: Dealing in Stolen Property and Giving False Information to a …Read More

CCSO Wanted for the Week of 05/17/17

Michael Curtis Bardin W/M      DOB: 12/15/71     HGT: 5’ 8”     WGT: 150 Charge: VOP/CC First Degree DWLSR (2) and Leaving the Scene of Accident Resulting in Damage Last Known Address: Blairmore Boulevard in Orange Park, FL       Justin Anthony Ferguson W/M    DOB: 07/21/92    HGT: 5’ 5”    WGT: 160 Charge: Lewd or Lascivious Battery Last …Read More

CCSO Wanted for the Week of 05/10/17

Alberto Alvarez, Jr. W/M      DOB: 01/12/82    HGT: 6’ 5”    WGT: 200 Charge: Lewd/Lascivious Conduct (two counts) Last Known Address: Capella Drive in Orange Park, FL           James Ray Whalen W/M     DOB: 10/08/84    HGT: 5’ 6”    WGT: 145 Charge: VOP Drug Offender Probation Possession of Controlled Substance Last Known Address: Inglesicle Avenue …Read More

CCSO Wanted for the Week of 04/24/17

Kenneth Leonard Poythress, Jr., the suspect wanted on one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and armed burglary, has been taken into custody. Authorities arrested him in Jacksonville this morning. Poythress will be transported to the Clay County Detention Center later today. He is a suspect in the death of his wife, Curtishia …Read More

CCSO Wanted for the Week of 01/23/17

Please call the C.C.S.O. Warrants Unit at (904) 264-6512 if you have information on the location of any of these people.            Duriel Theopholus Devoe B/M     DOB: 12/21/79           HGT: 5’9     WGT: 225 CHARGE: Battery- Aggravated (Dating Violence) LKA: West Union St.                         Jacksonville, FL   Kenneth Robert Alabiso W/M   DOB: 6/23/83             HGT: 5’10 …Read More

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