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December 2022

Give Wisely

You work hard for your money, and you have a big heart for others who may be struggling—especially during this holiday season. However, you would not drive down the highway throwing your hard-earned money out of the window, and Clay County officials want to remind you to use the same vigilance when making a charitable […]

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Long before Officers Baker and Poncherello raced around southern California on the hit TV show of the 70s, Motorcycle cops were the subject of comic strips, jokes, and blockbuster movies. When you think of motorcycles officers (or motors as they are often referred to), you may picture a deputy hiding in the woods, waiting for an

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CEO Judson Sapp and Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook

Judson Sapp hosts Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook to discuss law enforcement issues. From the latest breaking news to cold cases, we answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Tune in weekly!